What an exciting time to get into the herbal industry the world has been waiting for you. My name is Alexis Jalena I am a certified Herbalist and owner of Secret Garden Herbals Apothecary. It brings me great joy to announce that I have launched an online webinar to help others embark on this journey. This webinar will provide knowledge and prepare those with the dream of starting their own Herbal Business. If you don’t already know this is a rapidly growing industry with more and more people leaning towards natural remedies. There is a demand for people with the knowledge as well as the passion to join the market of herbal business owners. In this webinar you will learn exactly how to start your own herbal business. I will be sharing my knowledge, tips, secrets, and even some of my mistakes in this webinar. I have been in this industry for 4 years as a business owner and 7 years as a student learning most of what I’ve learned is self taught through reading a plethora of books and over 450 hours of studying. I attended an herbal academy to obtain my certificate and spent over three thousand dollars only to find there was a lot that I already knew, but what those classes didn’t teach me was how to launch my business. Coming from a family of herbalist I am the first to actually start a business so I had no one to show me the do’s and dont’s I had to learn through trial and error. My mission is to get you started on this journey as fast as possible without all the bumps in the road. You should definitely have some knowledge about herbs already you don’t need to be an expert but you should know some of the simple basics of herbalism. That’s the most important step before launching a business. What’s next? You will need to register and for the class on the start date that best fits your schedule. You can do so by going to secretgardenherbals.com. There is a class limit of 10 this is an online webinar and to have a good experience the class is limited. This will ensure we stay on track and each person can have a chance to ask questions and get the best experience possible. Your time & money is valuable so I don’t intend to waste any of it. This webinar time and days will vary but will mainly be on 2 week days and 1 weekend, the weekday time is 1 webinar split up between 2 days, if you do not wish to do weekdays you can choose a Saturday which will be a 4 hour class. There is a fee of $195 that is due at the time of registration to secure your spot. You will be provided a link to log on through Zoom. A few days before the class begins. This will be a live webinar not prerecorded so you will get a real time learning experience and you’ll get to ask your questions. There will be a PowerPoint slide link that can be provided to you for an additional fee of $39. (Sharing any links to the webinar or material provided is strictly prohibited as all rights are reserved and protected by copyrights) All payments are non refundable if you pay for registration and cannot attend for any reason you must advise 72 hours before so you can be rescheduled there will be a fee of $25 to reschedule for a future date. You will get a list of suggested books, the best places to buy herbs and supplies, making labels and the best graphic designers, apps and website hosts you’ll need to get started. Upon successful completion of the class and passing the final quiz you'll also be able to join a private group, where you'll learn how to make various natural products and much more. to There will be a quiz and certificate of completion issued at the end of this webinar. This is a webinar so you will need computer access and must download zoom which is free. You may be able to use iPad, tablet or smart phone but features could be limited. Any further questions please feel free to contact us. Cost of Webinar $195 (for limited time price subject to change)  *requiredPower Point slides of Webinar $39, Join Private Group $39 Membership fee Reschedule $25 fee  

Webinar -How To Start Your Own Herbal Business

  • This course does not certify you to become an herbalist this is a private webinar. The presentor is not an intructor. 

    You will recieve a certificate of completion after successfully completing the webinar and passing the quiz.


  • There are no refunds issued on this course once you enroll you are registered to start on the selected start date. If you have to start at a later date you can register for the next start date and you must notify us of canelation 72 hours prior to webinar start date there will be a $25 fee re-register. This policy is strict because we only allow 10 students per class and once you take a spot if you cancel we are not guaranteed to fill that slot