Do you yoni steam? What do you use to steam? 
For 3 years I’ve steamed at least monthly and it has helped me immensely.
I didn’t have a Yoni steam sauna, I just used what I had around the house but I noticed the positions I was in were making my legs go numb and my body would get tight after steaming in a squatting position for 20 minutes. I’ve seen others steam using the toilet but that is never sanitary. There’s not enough bleach that will make it ok to steam using a toilet. It’s also not safe to use plastic bowls or containers. 
So, I decided to start designing the Yoni Steam Sauna it’s magical ladies.
And let me tell you... as a regular steamer...It makes a huge difference to have a comfortable seat!!!
it’s super comfortable and makes steaming more relaxing
 Yoni Steam Sauna:
These sleek saunas are handcrafted from natural cedar wood and pine wood
The Sauna is NOT painted or varnished but is finished with a food grade natural eco friendly wood protector(inside only)used to protect the wood and to maintain its quality. This finish may be reapplied as needed to bring back the beautiful wood grain.

Wood is a living element so each sauna will have unique tones from the different grains of wood, with a smooth soft sanded finish. Colors can vary. We assure you all saunas are beautiful to the eye and soft to the touch.
The design and shape chosen allows for optimal steaming capacity for Yoni and Womb cleansing 
Each sauna is made with reinforcement and hold up to 400 lbs. comes with 2 side handles for easy carrying. Each yoni sauna has a hole in the back to allow a plug for use of a heater plate this allows your water used in the steam to stay warm during your session. 
Steaming holds the potential to be a healing form of Ceremony for every woman at every age, stage, cycle and season of her life.
After they are made, I sit intentionally with each sauna and infuse them with loving energy so they raise the vibration of whomever uses them or has them in their space.�. 

Each yoni sauna comes with 1 free Yoni steam.



Yoni Steam Sauna



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